One of the most common questions I get asked as a family photographer is what to wear for your photo session. Deciding what to wear might be challenging as decorating your place, however here are some tips which hopefully make your decision a bit easier.



Look at your home design

Think about your house design and what is your plan with the pictures. Which wall are you planning to put them on? What colour is it? If your walls are purple and you all are wearing red, the photos will not look good on your wall. Since you will be hanging these photos in your house you want to make sure the colours of your clothes go with the colour scheme of your home.



Coordinate the colours

Think about the season and location you are going to have your pictures taken. Is it fall or spring? If you have your pictures taken in fall try to compliment those colours and choose earthy and warm colours like different shades of brown, orange and red or if it is a spring and everything is green – go for neutral colours with a mix of purple, green or blue.



Make sure the colours compliment each other, however, avoid to look exactly the same. Choose 2 – 3 colours and stick to your colour scheme. Lighter colours look better and more airy than black or dark colours.





As for the shoes – heels, nice boots, flip-flops are awesome. Please don’t wear sneakers unless they are simple and funky (Vans, etc). Think about coordinating the shoes with other accessories and colours in the photo. And many times no shoes are the best.



Less patterns, more texture

Patterns are great, just make sure only one or two people wear them. You want to stay away from big logos, characters or designs on your t-shirt. Stick to solid colours and choose more textures – like scarves, hats, belts. Layers are the best!




Don’t forget accessories and nice clean shoes. It all comes to details to get that perfect family picture.
And plan ahead! You don’t want to find your favourite outfit in your laundry basket on the photo shoot day.





If you are still not sure, contact Justa for an opinion or bring a few outfits with you and I can help you to choose what would look best on you.