I am a Whistler based photographer, creating family portraits filled with spontaneous and real moments with people you love and care about.



While I work hard to provide you with images you will love, it is also important to me that I make each family session fun and memorable. I aim to spend quality time with each of you to truly know your family and what matters to you. I am then able to create unique portraits that show the connection within your family.


My clients are guided through each step right from the initial booking. From planning and completing the photo shoot right up to image delivery, I go above and beyond for them and make sure they feel their time is valued.

As a photographer, I shoot with Canon digital camera and lenses, and I am constantly learning something new about photography. I have endless talks with my fellow photographers about business and and stay on top of new trends and techniques.

Over the years, I’ve developed many different approaches to get the best out of myself and my clients to produce the highest quality photos possible.

As a person, I am a doer and a planner. As a 15 year old growing up in communist Czechoslovakia, my dream was to play hockey one day.Through hard work, I eventually made that happen with a few friends, in a country, that women were not allowed to play in. I then had even bigger dreams of moving to Canada. That became a reality and I now live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Once here, I started to have goals of owning my own business and after years of perseverance I made that happen too. I also fantasized about traveling and exploring the world with my bike and my camera. I’m happy to say, I found my best friend and the perfect man to do that with. We’ve taken our bikes to countries like India, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Poland, Peru, Czech Republic and Slovakia and I hope there are many more on our way. I strive to make dreams come true, let me help you make yours a reality.