You will find so much more than the average photo of your family saying “cheese” looking right into the camera. I like to mix it up and make your images memorable by capturing everyday moments that tell your story, the things you do that make you unique.





Outdoor Family Reunion Photography Sessions


The session usually last somewhere between 2-3 hours, depending on how many people are in your family group, how old are the kids, if you want individual families and kids photos as well.


We don’t need a sunny day to capture those smiles. I have photographed family sessions in wet, cold and dark cloudy days and most of those images became my favourite.


We will take some posed shots of the whole group right off to get everybody comfortable with the camera. Then for the individual families - you’ll run, play, jump, laugh, and maybe even get dirty! I will do my best to capture the smiles that you know and see every day through natural moments. The focus will be on the whole family of course, but also photos of specific groups (siblings, grandchildren together, individual families, etc).