How To Prepare For Winter Family Photos In Whistler


Winter photography can give you some of the most beautiful images. The bright blue sky and stark white snow provides the ideal backdrop to capture incredible photos. Unfortunately, those beautiful blue days can also come hand in hand with some chilly temperatures. I’ve been shooting in the Whistler chill for years, and have some key tips to stay comfortable on a winter shoot. 


Keep Moving

When shooting with kids it’s easy for them to get cold while waiting for their turn in front of the camera. While I take photos of one person, I make sure that everyone else is moving and playing to keep warm.


Bring A Toboggan

Simple and easy to carry, a toboggan is a great way to keep your kids entertained and warm while they wait for their turn. They also come in handy if someone gets tired and needs a ride home after we’re done.



Cold weather means runny noses. Stock your pockets with tissues before the shoot to catch those sniffles.


Hand and Toe Warmers

These simple and cheap inventions are absolute game changers, especially with kids. Crack a couple of packs when starting and they’ll keep hands and feet toasty for the whole time you’re outside.


Layers, Layers, Layers

When shooting outside in the winter the more layers the better. Put on long johns under your jeans, wear warm boots and make sure to wear hats and gloves. You can always shed a layer or two if you get too warm.


Warm Blankets

A nice warm blanket is great for wrapping yourself or your kids to stay warm between shots or in the photos for a cozy look.


Hot Drinks

Bring a thermos with hot chocolate or tea to keep the family warm. It will be a great prop as well.



While this is always not always possible to find a location close to a heated building or cafe, it’s great to keep in mind when deciding where to shoot.

Each family photo session is unique, and I will work with your to find the ideal location and to prepare for a great day shooting together.